Surveys and Diagnostics

Surveys, Diagnostics and Evaluation

Do you need to make your organisational development and training budget go further and achieve more? It is so much easier to manage employee and stakeholder engagement when you have solid evidence. With IdeaSmiths’ survey and diagnostic support you get the hard facts you need to focus your attention where it counts.

IdeaSmiths specialise in highly engaging and effective diagnostic surveys that give employers the insights they need to be able take informed decisions and to:

  • Engage all of your people in a broad conversation about your organisation
  • Know what your people believe as individuals, in teams and across the whole organisation.
  • Identify levels of staff satisfaction, awareness, understanding and behaviour, by division and by level in your hierarchy
  • Target training, development and change interventions where they are needed the most.
  • Drive change and measure progress.

Our survey and diagnostics services include:

  • Change Readiness Surveys
  • Organisational Culture Diagnostics
  • Employee Attitude Surveys
  • Core Values Surveys
  • Survey strategy consulting support
  • Survey design
  • Bespoke surveys, audits and evaluations
  • Ready to run surveys
  • Online and paper-based survey execution
  • Focus groups & Telephone Interviews
  • Data analysis & comprehensive report writing


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    Doncaster Council has been impressed with IdeaSmiths. They are very professional and have excellent strategy, economic and business skills.

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