User Research

User Research and RequirementsUser Stories

We can carry out user requirements research in the field and help you build up a rich picture of your users, characteristics and needs.


We use a range
of techniques including contextual inquiry, ethnography, interviews, group discussions and surveys. The research can be presented in a variety for formats such as user scenarios, user story maps, empathy mapping and personas and analysis by each demographic.




Usability Testing

We can help you design and run simple usability testing sessions with real users that will deliver real insights. We can use a range of techniques from remote testing to full on usability lab. We can help you source the market for appropriate user recruitment and usability lab facilities. Our strength is not just in being able to use a variety of tools but in being able to design robust evaluation sessions that can be task based, scenario based or goal based that will deliver the insights that you need.


Expert Review

Using standard methods of inspection we can do a quick review, against checklists, of your technology or your software be it in-house application, off-the shelf package, website, kiosk or mobile. Furthermore we can mentor your own people in the checklists so that a comprehensive data set is collected. From the expert review a short report with specific design recommendations is produced. Expert reviews are simple and are very cost effective identifying 80% of the design problems in a day or two.


Collaborative Design

During the design process we work closely with the UX designers and technical members of the team. We strongly believe that user centred design is a team effort built on knowledge sharing and conversations that matter. We help facilitate the dialogue between the users and the rest of the Agile team and stakeholders.


Our job is not just to understand users but to help your team understand users.

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